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Our cleaning method towers any other in the industry. We use Hot Water Extraction (HWE), to what most explain as "Steam Cleaning" or "External Cleaning". No other cleaning method compares. So now you may think, "our cleaning method towers?" HWE is the only cleaning method considered by the leading carpet mills (Mohawk and Shaw) to not void warrantied carpet. The HWE carpet cleaning process is safer and more delicate for your textile floor coverings.

Other methods, such as HOST, a 100% plant based dry cleaning method may accelerate wear to a carpet in the cleaning process. In the cleaning industry, a certified technician is taught to remove foreign soils from the carpet, not add foreign particulates to it.

The orbital pad method or bonnet carpet cleaning is a large rotating pad used to transfer soils from the face yarns of the carpet to itself. Think of orbital pad cleaning as a car buffer, except an orbital pad can create friction wear to the carpet. Alternately, the orbital pad method cannot soil transfer pet urine to a bonnet.

Redline Carpet Cleaning Service believes in caring for your home and we take responsibility to our fan base to use the best cleaning systems and top of the line solutions to take care of your carpet cleaning properly. Our "Pet Odor Rescue" system will also alleviate your most feared pet odor issues. Despite the most embarrassing pet fecal staining or pet urine issues in a home, we take it out.

Truck Mount Cleaning...

Truck mounted equipment was popular since its inception because of the innate power of cleaning it provides. Our carpet cleaning machines uses strong suction to draw the dirt, chemicals, bacteria, pollens, tobacco smoke residue, sand and grit out of your carpet. It heats the water to a higher temperature. We provide an innate level of cleaning for Carpet Cleaning Spokane.

Carpet cleaning at Spokane Rock Products.

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