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We are your onsite carpet color correction specialists with over 30 years experience transforming bleach stains, medicinal bleaching, peroxide stains, yellow stains, blue or red. You call it, we'll color correct it. If you have incredible sun fading in carpet we can get your color issue solved to avoid thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Because we use industry rated dyes and solutions, repairing bleached and color stained problems are as easy as 1-2-3! Area rug and oriental rug color restoration is also an art we posess and repair for you along with bleach stain repairs! If you've recently had your carpet cleaned and you still have carpet fade and bleach spots call us to have them repaired. We do carpet color loss repair in Spokane! If need be, call us from the continental United States and ship your oriental rug(s) over insured for oriental and persian rug bleach stain repair!

In our carpet color correction service in Spokane, you can be guaranteed we use industry standard dyes in our work that last cleaning after cleaning. We do not use sub-grade color wax chips (referred to as "crayons") to correct color, which clean out in 1 to 2 maintenance cleanings for carpet. Our color dyeing lasts permanently.

Carpet cleaning at Spokane Rock Products.

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