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Success For Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment


January 15th, 2013

At all times, once you have a carpet cleaning appointment set and depending onRedline Carpet Cleaning Logo your personal schedule, be prepared a few hours in advance or the night before. Here is some advice to a winning carpet cleaning experience.

Vacuuming is the best preparation you can perform before your appointment. Vacuuming is a industry standard rule prior to professional cleaning. Thorough vacuuming ensures you have large particulate soils such as small beads, hairpins, chip crumbs, and etc. pulled up that professional carpet cleaning implements are not designed to remove and our tools are designed for stubborn particulate soiling. Vacuuming may be a service available with your cleaning service appointment if communicated in advance.

Move small breakable objects from the areas scheduled to be cleaned. Knick-knacks can become knock-knacks, which no one desires. Small waste pails, pet beds and children's toys should be removed from the areas prior to your professional cleaning technician's knock on the door.


Children and pets should not be in the carpet cleaning work areas.Children should be allowed there separate play area during your cleaning service schedule to avoid a slip or fall. Your pets are more than likely friendly and giving them their own space away from the areas to be cleaned makes the experience less stressful for them.

Similar to visiting your doctor or dentist, be up front with your technician. If they have questions to precisely identify how a problem needs to be treated it is better to put away your inhibitions to be as accurate as possible than fudge details. Our technicians are not in your home to judge you, we're in your home to help you appreciate your end carpet cleaning result.

These suggestions will help make your cleaning appointment more enjoyable for months after your service call. We specialize in carpet cleaning difficulties and deliver amazing pet odor carpet cleaning results. Call for appointment details 509-362-7755

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