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On a day to day basis, mattress cleanliness is not a need we tend to be worried with. Covered by comforters, sheets, dogs, pillows, people, throws and clothes. Mattresses are not the top ten items on your spring cleaning list. For low air quality sufferers, mattresses and furniture are ordinarily cleaned on a six month rotation. We use the professional procedures and industry level solutions to erase your concerns for clean mattresses. In Germany, mattress cleaning is paid by the health care system. In France, mattresses are typically cleaned every six months. A used mattress can not cross the Canadian boarder without a professional cleaning.

A typical mattress may have anywhere from a hundred thousand to ten million mites inside. Mattress sanitizing is needed to control asthma and allergy symptoms, as well as disinfect the bed of pathogens, spores, bacilli, bedbugs, bacterium, dust mites, and more. It is just as important to professionally sanitize, then clean and furniture and carpeting.

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As spring begins, it seems to be one of the perfect times to dig into a house that has been closed up all winter to do some exhausting spring cleaning. Much of the dirt, grime, bacteria and micro-organisms collects in the fibers of your rugs and carpets and your upholstered furniture. The leading effective way of expunging all of the dust, allergens, particulates and dirt out of your home is our professional carpet and furniture cleaning. Our carpet and upholstery cleaners will do a very effective job at removing particulates from material that falls out of the air and into your carpeting and furniture, as well as the dirt that gets tracked in from the outdoors by people coming into your home. It is not a doubt that that the more foot traffic from people and pets that are in your house on a regular basis, the more you need to be on concerned with cleaning carpets and upholstery. Our professional equipment removes a colossal majority of the pollutants, allergens and dust pulling all of that contamination straight out of your home and into the waste recovery in our vehicles. There is no concern for the contamination circulating in your home for it to re-embed again in your home. Which helps everyone feel at ease about their home and the cleaning service they're receiving.

Redline Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning also services Liberty Lake, Cheney, Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Orchard Prairie, Moran Prairie, Indian Trail and 5 Mile Prairie.

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