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We remove pet odor! We help Realtors in Spokane as they understand how important it is to prepare a home properly. Home owners commonly have pet odor removal mitigated through Redline Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Property managers rely on our pet odor removal services because we permanently remove odor in Spokane. In the Humane Society's website, they state carpet cleaners set urine stains. We developed a distinct process to actually take away urine staining [Period]. A distinct process that sets up apart from other cleaners, even national chains.

Often times we are faced with one certain problem; the embarrassing territorial messes arise. We understand the carpet doesn't flush when the door handle is turned. We use our Pet Odor Rescue® - P.O.R.® process (carpet pet urine removal) to remove pet urine and other pet odor related problems from your carpeted materials. Redline Cleaning of Spokane removes pet urine in the worst urine contaminated conditions and will save you money and time.

Our pet urine removal is a 12 step process, permanently removing from the carpet, carpet padding and sub-floor.We literally remove carpet pet odor with the power of earth's natural compounds! If your back is against the wall, call us. In extreme cases, rather than total replacement and pad upheaval, we get the carpet pet odor out at definitely less money.

Enjoy our health benefits today for carpet pet odor Spokane! Consumers in Spokane, including insurance agents and professional representatives in many lines of industries turn to Redline Carpet Cleaning for pet odor removal or pet urine cleaning in Spokane.

People have followed and recognized our reputation because we give you the truth about carpet pet odor removal. We guarantee our work if you choose our guidelines as professionals for carpet pet odor.

Pet urine contamination, in severe cases, settles to the sub-floor. We have a simple process to detect for this occurance without removing the carpet. UV lighting is used liberally, be sure to keep the suspected areas dim to natural light.

Our elevated 12 step process ranges from testing and identifying to permanently mediating pet urine and pet feces that enter the carpet padding and sub floor. In this process, the carpet may be lifted up to sanitize the back and front before the job is completed. Our Pet Odor Rescue (carpet pet odor removal) technique is the most thorough for permanently removing animal contamination. We also mediate in the rare case of pet tradgedy (death) to save the materials affected. Our Pet Odor Rescue process is beyond the 'topical' treatment to deodorize cleaning service.

Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning...

We use our two defined ways to remove carpet pet urine permanently.

1. Pairing Molecules: We Re-Pair pet odor molecules to make a different molecular makeup, thus, odor is no longer present.

2. Cleaving Molecules: We cleave pet odor molecules to break up pet odor to form other substances in only two distinct ways ever possible. Metabolizing pet odor carpet molecules is a process using the most powerful Enzyme treatment possible to break up pet odor and allow live bacteria to digest pet odor rapidly, bacteria reproduce quickly and the measure doubles and triples over.

Oxidizing pet odor is another distinct way but displaces the pet odor molecules to reform the molecular make-up in to water molecules and carbon dioxide molecules. Oxidizing pet odor is our preferred method as it conforms with our "Most Thorough Cleaning Possible".

Pet Odor cleaning cleaning services available for entire Spokane area.

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